Giving Thanks for the Dream Team

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it’s an important time to reflect on the things we are truly grateful for. While it may not be the forefront of your thoughts on a day like today, don’t forget to thank your team. 

In the COVID times, it’s so incredibly hard to maintain and build relationships with your coworkers new and old. Everything from water cooler conversations to “hey I’m gonna go grab lunch, wanna come?” has vanished into thin air. Instead now we find ourselves in Zoom calls with the team for a few hours a day, and while friendly conversation and small talk are not impossible in this setting, it’s increasingly evident that we just don’t spend the time with our teams that we used to.

Virtual coffee dates and happy hours seem to have become the new norm, but how long can you go just seeing someone inside a tiny box on your screen before you forget everything prior that has built your relationship as coworkers, teammates, and hopefully in a lot of cases friends? Bring that down another level even into Slack, no warm smile or any signs of friendship, just an even tinier profile picture and nothing more. 

Take the time and reflect a little bit, next time you look at the face on the screen, think about the hard work you’ve been able to put in together, remember the common goals that are the reasons you’re teammates in the first place. Hold on to that positivity, reflect that back next time you see them, and be sure to try and find this positivity in every small victory. 

Not being able to see each other face to face doesn’t mean we can’t still be thankful for the hardworking people we work with every day. This COVID Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for our friends, family, and health, but don’t forget to take the time to show your teammates you appreciate their hard work. Tag yours below to show em’ you care!

Charity Spotlight 11/18

In the spirit of World Kindness Day being last week, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, we felt it would be fitting to talk about some amazing local organizations doing incredible work every day. There’s no better way to celebrate the season of giving than appreciating those who are always giving back.

The first of these organizations is the Plummer Youth Promise, a Salem based organization that believes that every young person deserves a family unconditionally committed to nurturing, protecting and guiding them; someone who will be with them forever. They are in the middle of their Holiday sponsor drive so be sure to check them out at and share to help give the priceless gift of family to youth who need it this holiday season.

The next organization is Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), a Massachusetts based group founded in 2010 that prides themselves on accelerating economic and social impact in communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship. By putting the entrepreneur first and placing emphasis on inclusivity, EforAll is empowering people in communities all over Massachusetts. Check them out at to learn more about their mission!

Any organizations that you’re passionate about? What are your favorite local non-profits? Shout them out here and be sure to check back on our social media for more organization spotlights soon! 

Team Member Spotlight 1: Jack

When I pitched team member spotlights as part of a new initiative Fresh could take across all social platforms, I didn’t think Erin and Jesse would suggest I do the first one on myself…but I don’t really get tired of talking about myself so I guess I won’t object. 

So hi everyone, I’m Jack. I’m 23, born and raised just outside of Boston and hopefully going to graduate from Northeastern at some point, though I’m currently enjoying my final year to its fullest in Zoom form. I’m a business major with a concentration in marketing, which has provided me with some pretty fantastic opportunities during my time in Northeastern’s co-op program, and also has actively given me nightmares about giving elevator pitches. 

I have a minor in music and have been playing guitar for the last 8 or so years, however if there’s one thing that I love more than playing music, it’s seeing live music. Across 100+ shows in multiple different states and countries, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the greats. However, there is one band that I’ve seen more times than any other, and that I love so aggressively that if you’ve ever talked to me before, chances are you already know EXACTLY where I’m going.

Two words: Grateful. Dead. I’ve seen Dead and Company 9 times since my friends first convinced me to roadtrip to Saratoga in 2016, there is truly nothing like a Dead show. From the second you step foot in the venue parking lot, the energy just feels different. Rows of vendors selling homemade tie dyes and grilled cheese, sitting on the roofs of their cars with massive speakers blaring their favorite live Dead jams from their massive 30 year, ~2,300+ live show career, and swapping stories about doing the exact same thing 40 or so years earlier. It’s honestly pretty awesome. I had never felt so immediately welcome in a community before, it’s like a switch flips and suddenly everyone in that massive arena is a friend. 

So many happy memories of mine are associated with the Dead. Whether it was being homesick my first semester abroad and just blasting the sadness away with American Beauty, or taking a trip to see the famous Haight-Ashbury home that once housed the band as a sort of Deadhead pilgrimage, I could gush for hours. The positivity and joy that this band brings me at any time is like no other, and I’m so Grateful (heh) to have found that. 

As the current president of a fraternity, there are few more important lessons I’ve learned in my time at Northeastern than the value in finding your people. I went to my first Dead show expecting a concert, and instead I got a community and lifestyle like nothing I’d seen before. The best part is that you can take those same ideas and apply them to anything in life! All it takes is one similar interest or goal, and you can find yourself surrounded by awesome, like-minded people

Joining the Fresh team has been no exception. From discussions of 80’s thrash metal to true crime podcasts and everything in between, I can tell there’s quite a bit of common ground.  I’m really excited to be working with the team to help create social content and I hope you guys will enjoy reading the new content as much as I do writing it!