Who’s being Fresh?

We are agency refugees, creative freaks, and tech geeks who believe that the best digital creative deliverables come from collaboration between smart, experienced, and fun people. When everyone shares the same passion, the process is fun while the resulting work combines uncompromised creative vision with industry-best practices.

At Fresh, we deliver beautiful, functional brand creative design and unique digital activation. We specialize in brand activation, creative design & development, responsive web design, UX, video, 3-D projection, virtual reality, augmented reality and whatever’s coming next.

Give us a shout and let’s get to know each other. We might just come up with the next cool thing.

Sean Cunningham

Charismatic. Humble. Handsome. These are words that only Sean’s Mom would use to describe him. But we can all agree that Sean is a human being.

He’s also an award-winning UX/Visual Designer and Creative Director with years of agency experience (Mullen/Lowe, Hill Holliday, Isobar) dating back to a time when Coolio was still considered cool. He’s worked on brands like Adidas, General Motors, Dunkin’ Donuts and the Boston Bruins just to name a few.

Sean loves all aspects of design work, but is still a little miffed that his ’80s metal band never became the international phenomenon it probably should have.

Jesse Vuona

Jesse Vuona was delivered to this world some years back with a pencil, camera, and guitar in hand. Since the day that little, weird baby was placed on this earth, he started creating designs and music that would shape him into the handsome man he is today.

Jesse’s work on big brands, such as Panera, Foxwoods, US Cellular, Adidas, NCAA, Showcase Cinemas, and YMCA has allowed him to shape their brand image, online and off.

Erin Hegarty

Putting people, places and things together like Bacon & Eggs, Pop Rocks & Coke, and Pickles & Peanut Butter makes Erin tick. She likes to find the unique, quirky and special qualities that drive big, great ideas for brands and develop the strategies and teams to execute those ideas. She also brings food to every meeting — if you’re lucky, maybe pickles and peanut butter.

Erin has worked (and shared weird snacks) with awesome teams at Time Inc., FOX, New Balance, Citigroup, General Mills, P&G, 3M, Goldman Sachs, The American Cancer Society, NCAA, and Major League Baseball.

Kate Cotter

Kate’s first laptop was the size of a suitcase with a teensy green screen. She was 6 years old. Back then the best thing on that “laptop” was Space Invaders—a pretty damn good game, but it was the only game. Which was stupid. So Kate started out in digital media making games. Really fun educational games.

Today, Kate has over a decade of experience in producing and managing large, multifaceted digital media projects for clients including Weill-Cornell Medical School, Crayola, The National Archives, Boston Children’s Hospital, Marlo Thomas, and Sesame Workshop. The best part is that while she can manage schedules, budgets, and beautiful deliverables, Kate works closely with clients to make sure the overall vision and strategic end goals are aligned and seamlessly achieved. And when she’s not doing that she’s chasing after her two hilarious kiddos, riding horses, and sometimes even playing Space Invaders.

Catherine Twomey

The biggest question on Catherine Twomey’s mind is how not to make this sound like a dating profile.

Speaking of her mind, what’s on it is usually where she will get her next dosage of caffeine and how to either keep her hair away from her face or get it more in her face.

When she’s not at the office with the cool cats, she’s loving on a dog or smashing weights in the gym.

As a recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, her fine arts degree gives her a solid pallette for design in more ways than one. As she makes her way into this industry, she embraces having one foot in the digital world and one in the analogue.