So, what exactly do you do anyway?

We’ve been a lot of places and done a lot of things. Below is what we are really, really, truly good at. We swear.

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Brand Identity Systems

Fresh creates meaningful brand identity systems. More than just a logo design or some fonts and colors, we start by doing exercises that dive into the core essence of the brand. Once we collectively and collaboratively establish those tenets, we design the appropriate visual expression system.

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Mobile and Web Design & Development

For most of our clients their website is their business. Why then would you trust that to just anyone? While they say they can design a website, there are a rare few that can truly build a thoughtful online experience while being considerate of your brand, your goals and your users. At Fresh, our pedigree is in designing and building custom destinations for Fortune 500 companies, earning their trust at every launch.

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User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

Measure twice, cut once. User experience is at the heart of what we do, really delving into both the business goals and user goals and employing a variety of tried and true practices. Couple that with a UI that is familiar and pleasing to a user and you have the framework for a successful outcome.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Ready. Fire. Aim. Not a strategy. The world is digital, and that’s where your customers are. We approach your digital strategy by constructing your current state digital ecoverse and then implementing a strategy to get you to your ideal state. Exploring not only what planet your target lives on, but also what mediums and tactics will reach them with your brand message.

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MultiMedia Storytelling

Our collective background in general advertising gives us a unique creative perspective that you won’t find at most shops our size. Whether video, animation or any other vehicle for storytelling, our ability to craft the right message is still central to everything we produce.

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Experiential /
immersive event activation

Experience with a diversity of mediums from guerilla, viral, unexpected media to event and digital out-of-home in Times Square, Fresh knows how to think about the brand, the audience and venue, bringing a “larger than life” sensibility to any activation challenge.