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Fresh, A Creative Digital Branding Agency

An awful lot of brands aren’t doing themselves digital justice. Companies and organizations will spend countless hours (weeks…months…) agonizing over brand and messaging, getting it just perfect… only to have it diluted and confused in a half-hearted — or worse, broken — digital experience. And with the majority of people experiencing brands for the first time (and sometimes the only time) within digital channels, we’re talking a pretty serious marketing problem (not to mention an outrageously big lost opportunity.)

At Fresh — a digital agency in the Boston area with expertise in branding and rebranding —we develop digital experiences that make sure our clients’ brands, messages, and values shine through to the right people and encourage them to really engage. Whether you have a strong brand that needs to be executed digitally, or you’re looking for help with a full digital rebrand, we’re here to help. Give us a call and let us explain how.


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About Us

What’s the opposite of stale?

A combined 30+ years in traditional & digital brand marketing and advertising for clients big and small might make us sound old and stuffy…but we’re not.

We know Brand-with-a-capital-B. We know all the rules. We took the 101 classes and paid the agency dues. We could say all the same brand-y, market-y, advertising-y stuff…but we won’t.

What we know is what’s cool, what’s going to resonate, and what it takes to execute digital experiences that express that brand and keep customers interested and engaged.

But maybe you want to just look like everyone else. If so, here’s a link to someone that can help you with that:

Where we’re at, mentally:

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Digital brand activation at its finest

We love brands. We love stories. We love the unique, awesome things that make great companies and organizations go. And, well, we get branding. But we also get digital and we know how branding, messaging, and value propositions are all-too-often lost in digital activations whether it's a limitation on the development side or a misunderstanding of overall brand goals. As a digital agency in the Boston area, whether it's branding or rebranding we get it. Let us digitally activate your brand, and show you why the brands with the best digital experiences —who engage with their customers the way they want to be engaged—always win. Contact Us


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In a nutshell

Some people make moonshine. We make brands shine.

There are companies that can design a website or post a video, but we think you deserve more than that (and your brand and customers agree). Your brand needs to shine digitally—not be stifled and treated like a simple extension of your offline marketing materials. Time to shine, baby.

Voice Lessons

How do you make a brand sing?

We’ve always been fans of letting brands tell their stories and sing their songs. Our job is to make sure those brands have a stage, an excited audience, and that the audio is turned way up loud. We’re not afraid of a little laser show (or an interactive 3D projection or augmented reality experience) either.

A great brand experience delivers your message to the right audience.

A great digital experience brings the best audience face-to-face with your brand, and encourages them to take action with you. Maybe even sing along.

And if that doesn’t work…we also know a fantastic karaoke bar.

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