5 Years of Fresh

When we started fresh and Fresh in 2015, one thing was for certain, we were bound and determined to make it work.

Unlike some and like some companies of our ilk we started with zero. But our passion and determination were bountiful.

For me personally it couldn’t have been a worse time to start a business. I was selling my house, going through a divorce, looking for a place to live and had a 16 year old to support and maintain health insurance on.

But there’s an old saying and I am here to tell you it’s true. “If you dare to take the leap, the universe will conspire to help you”.

In the last five years, sure we’ve grown the company, but we’ve also grown as individuals. We have had some great successes along the way, working on some great clients doing fun work and even winning a Hatch Award which to date was the only award show we entered because to us it isn’t about that, it’s about being true to our original mantra of doing great work with great people from great brands.

Of course I would be lying if I didn’t say we made mistakes along the way and will probably make more, but we always learn from them so once you can recognize the value of a mistake it can lessen the sting.

Beyond that we feel fortunate to have had the support of family, colleagues and friends who have helped us build our business by engaging, referring and believing in us. So thank you to all, we know we would be nowhere without you all.

Here’s to the last five years and to the next.