East End Watertown

Make nowhere somewhere cool

Boylston Properties, a Boston-based real estate developer, needed a way to showcase and promote the East End of Watertown as it began development of several mixed-use properties in the area.

By building a very cool, accessible, mobile first website as a destination for all things East End – covering culture, real estate, businesses, retail shopping, restaurants and natural attractions that make up the community – Fresh created a sense of place and community that was currently missing for users searching for more information on the area.

The East End of Watertown website – built on a flexible and easy-to-update content management system (CMS) also connects to a developed social content strategy, to make sure targeted website visitors are engaged and active. Creating a content based strategy and amplifying with a smart social and paid native ad strategy helped turn ‘nowhere’ into some place cool – a destination drawing from the best of the neighboring cities’ urban culture and suburban convenience around it.

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