A digital brand and creative challenge. Times three.

Seniorlink provides innovative resources, advocacy, and insights that bring support and confidence to caregivers. The company was ready for a complete brand refresh, as it was pivoting from a sole focus on providing services to caregivers to releasing a digital platform, Vela.

Seniorlink engaged Fresh to help with digtial branding and creative design for three brands: Seniorlink, Caregiver Homes and Vela. By developing digital creative that would speak to each unique user audience, while tying together the three brands, we were able to create a family of brands and ensure that all users were able to immediately find what they were seeking.

This project was completed in just under a year, representing a big win for the Seniorlink management team, which had been tasked with a huge challenge in a three-pronged rebrand and marketing reorganization.

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