Uniquely positioned to shepherd your brand through the digital landscape.

By: admin
29 May 2020

Since way before 2015 the principles @Fresh have been shepherding brands as big as General Motors and as small as … well … us, online.

Whether through online advertising campaigns, apps, sites, out of home and brand activation, we’ve seen it all, done it all.

As companies emerge through this pandemic, some have put in digital duct tape solutions, some had started to make the switch, some are sitting there wanting to make the change. What ever the need or opportunity,
Fresh is uniquely positioned to help brands with this transition.

Why are we uniquely positioned?

  1. Creative Pedigree – We have been involved in ideating and producing national and even international creative campaigns for tier one agencies and brands for as long as there has been digital.
  2. Experience – We truly have seen it all, done it all and conquered it all for brands big and small.
  3. Value – Sure you can go to a large agency and pay a lot of money every month, but we are pretty sure that when faced with a situation like Covid-19 you wish you had that money back and wish you had known what it was actually being spent on.
  4. Nimble and accessible – Cutting out layers and layers of time and meetings and people who never touch your business — with Fresh the people you meet are the people that get it done. Plain and simple.
  5. Ask around – Anyone that knows us, has worked with us will say the same, we work on a project only basis, and that is two-fold: 1) we know that we are only as good as our last project 2) we get that not every relationship jives and no one should feel obligated if things aren’t working.

Finally, if you fit into any of the categories above, contact us and let’s talk, we aren’t hard salesy pitch type people. Our goal all along is to collaborate with cool people on cool projects and bring our Fresh perspective to the table.